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XDrive® Adjustable Wrench Tool Kit

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Description / Features

The X-Drive Adjustable Wrench Multitool is a versatile, 7-in-1 tool for the toolbox, glove compartment or emergency kit. This stainless steel wrench features a Phillips #2 driver bit, a flat #2 driver bit, flat 3/32-inch screwdriver, Allen 1/8-inch driver bit, a hook knife and serrated knife. It features precision-action wrench adjustment and a bit socket with a magnetic lock to fit all standard ¼-inch bits. This professional grade tool delivers heavy-duty, long-lasting reliability for a wide range of repair tasks.

  1. Adjustable Wrench
  2. Phillips #2 Driver Bit
  3. Flat #2 Driver Bit
  4. Flat 3/32” Screwdriver
  5. Allen 1/8” Driver Bit
  6. Hook Knife
  1. Serrated Knife
  • Precision-Action, Stainless Steel Wrench Adjustment
  • Stainless Steel Bit Socket with Magnetic Lock Fits All Standard ¼” Bits
  • Slide-Out Steel Bits
  • Stainless Steel Knife Blades
  • Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting Construction


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